Connecting students from our university with the rest of the world. Creating a reliable, well-organized and hard-working team that improves their own and professional knowledge in the field of construction.


Provide students with knowledge through our international activities: exchanges, practical education and courses, teamwork, creative workshops, all in cooperation with people from the profession who can share their experiences in business with students and prepare them for future careers.


We organize and attend a large number of international student exchanges in order to connect local committees and spread knowledge about construction from different countries.

Team building

Team spirit, motivation as well as increasing the productivity and efficiency of our members are important items that we strive to improve through various gatherings.

Construction site's visits

In order to improve the practical knowledge for students, we organize a larger number of visits to current construction sites in the area.


We try to provide a more formal part of education through various professional courses on somewhat different general but also specific topics.

Factory visits

Also, for the sake of practice, we organize visits to companies in the field of construction, in order to get acquainted with some future activities.


In order to encourage creativity and more practical thinking among students, we organize various workshops and case studies.