The Histotech event awaits you in a country perfectly described by history and technology. If you are a fan of construction, you will be welcome in Egypt!

Egypt is currently facing a number of challenges and we have begun to address them. Starting with the construction of a new administrative complex, the largest power plant in the Middle East and Africa, the largest archeological museum in the world, the Great Egyptian Museum, and the new expansion of the Suez Canal, the pharaoh’s spirit is revived, as shown by Egyptian civil engineers. Building the future of Egypt on the foundations of history is our goal and our reality.

At Histotech, participants will have the opportunity to visit some of the above-mentioned projects and learn more about their construction.

Participation fees are in euros for countries 160 A, countries B are 140 euros, 120 euros for countries C. Alumni fees are 210, 190 and 175 euros for countries A, B and C. This tax covers accommodation, bus transportation, food, tourist tickets and more.

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