IACES (International Association of Civil Engineering Students) is an international association of civil engineering students founded in september 1989 in Delft. Over the years, we’ve made contact with more than 50 universities across Europe, and today IACES has members from around the world including 23 local committees in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as more than 30 local committees in Central and Latin America.

IACES represents a network that connects construction students around the world. By participating in the activities, future young engineers have the opportunity to complete their knowledge and compare their experiences with colleagues from abroad. In addition to student exchanges, IACES organizes various lectures and seminars on the most interesting topics in the field and organizes visits to current construction sites in order to encourage students to spread their knowledge through non-formal education. Also, members gain the opportunity to get in touch with many construction companies around the world, and it often happens that they do their internship in them.

Activities take place locally, between the two local committees, as well as internationally, where the two main annual events are ACCESS and Mid-Term Meeting. The novelty is ICEC – International Civil Engineering Competition, whose organizer will be the Local Committee of Belgrade in the summer of 2020. For years, the Belgrade Local Committee has been one of the pillars of the organization at the international level and for that reason it was chosen to host the ICEC competition.